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Cumulus NetQ 1.1.0: New and Different Commands


The following changes were made to the Network Command Line Utility (NCLU) for Cumulus Linux 3.4. The following commands have been added, updated or removed from the new version of Cumulus Linux:

New Commands

New Command
netq check clag
netq check evpn
netq check ntp
netq config (add|del) experimental
netq config reload parser
netq example check bgp
netq example check clag
netq example check mtu
netq example find-duplicates
netq example find-origin
netq example regexp
netq example resolve macs
netq example resolve routes
netq example startup
netq example trace
netq show docker container
netq show docker container service
netq show docker service
netq show docker swarm cluster
netq show docker swarm network
netq show docker swarm node
netq show evpn
netq show impact docker service
netq show interfaces physical
netq show ntp
netq show ospf
netq show vlan
netq show vxlan

Changed Commands or Options

New Command Old Command Notes
netq check interfaces netq check interfaces  Now shows MTU
netq config add server netq add server  config option added
netq config agent (start|stop|status|restart) netq agent (start|stop|status|restart)  config option added 
netq show changes netq show changes <mac>  <mac> removed as an option
netq show docker container connectivity [around <text-time>] [json] netq show docker container [mac <container-mac>] connectivity [around <text-time>] [json]  <mac> removed as an option 
netq show docker container  [around <text-time>] [json]  netq show docker container [mac <container-mac>] [around <text-time>] [json] <mac> removed as an option 
netq show docker container changes  netq show docker container [mac <container-mac>] changes <mac> removed as an option 
netq show inventory brief netq show inventory brief [<inventory-search>] [<inventory-search>] removed as an option
netq show macs nexthop [vlan <1-4096>]  netq show macs nexthop [vlan <0-4096>]  VLAN range starts at 1 instead of 0 now
netq show macs [vlan <1-4096>]  netq show macs [vlan <0-4096>]   VLAN range starts at 1 instead of 0 now 


Removed Commands or Options

Removed Command Notes
netq notifier (start|stop|status|restart)  
netq show inventory memory [<memory-size>] Search by memory size has been removed
netq show services changes count changes count option has been removed


This support portal has moved

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You can access NVIDIA Cumulus support content from the Mellanox support portal.

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