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Mellanox SN2100 SMBIOS Error


Problem Identification

Mellanox SN2100 model switches manufactured between January 1, 2017, and September 1, 2017, may display errors in the logs or exhibit problems with LLDP information. This is due to an error in the programing of the SMBIOS, which is used to populate the DMI pool information.

This issue is typically identified by log messages or errors from the LED manager daemon:

/usr/sbin/ledmgrd : : Cannot update led: led_fan
/usr/sbin/ledmgrd : : Cannot update led: led_psu1
/usr/sbin/ledmgrd : : Cannot update led: led_psu2

To confirm, review the output of dmidecode -t1. Note that it does not display the proper information for Product Name or SKU Number; it displays generic details instead:

Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
    Manufacturer: Mellanox Technologies Ltd.
    Product Name: Mellanox switch
    SKU Number: Not Specified
    Family: Mellanox Switch family

When properly programmed, the DMI handle should indicate the platform model identifier displayed in the output of decode-syseeprom in the Part Number field; the SKU Number and Product Name fields in dmidecode should match the Part Number field in decode-syseeprom.

Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 27 bytes
System Information
    Manufacturer: Mellanox Technologies Ltd.
    Product Name: MSN2100-<model specific suffix>
    SKU Number: MSN2100-<model specific suffix>
    Family: Mellanox Switch family


Mellanox has confirmed the issue, and provided a procedure for fixing any switches in the field that are experiencing issues described above. 

Before you can fix the SMBIOS, you need to open a case with Mellanox support, explaining that you have an SN2100 switch, and it is experiencing the known SMBIOS issue. Paste in the case the output of the following commands from Cumulus Linux:

dmidecode -t1 -t2 -t3

Mellanox should provide instructions and a binary tool, which you need to use in ONIE to alter the fields in the SMBIOS. However, the procedure detailed below provides a much simpler way to fix the problem; all you need from Mellanox support is the amidelnx_64 tool, which they should send to you. 

Updating the Missing Fields in SMBIOS

  1. From Cumulus Linux, boot the switch into ONIE rescue mode by executing:
    cumulus@sn2100:~$ sudo onie-select -rf
    cumulus@sn2100:~$ sudo reboot
  2. Copy the amidelnx_64 tool (which Mellanox provides via support case) to /usr/bin on the switch:
    root@host:~# scp /path/to/amidelnx_64 root@<switch IP>:/usr/bin/
  3. Connect to the switch via console, or SSH and execute the following commands:
    onie:~# cd /usr/bin
    onie:~# chmod 777 amidelnx_64
    onie:~# export DEV=`onie-syseeprom --get 0x22`
    onie:~# ./amidelnx_64 /SP $DEV /SK $DEV /CSK $DEV
  4. Remove the Mellanox provided amidelnx_64 tool.
    onie:~# rm -f /usr/bin/amidelnx_64
  5. Reboot the switch, and it should boot back into Cumulus Linux.
    onie:~# reboot
  6. Verify the DMI information is now correct for your model:
    cumulus@sn2100:~$ sudo dmidecode –t1 –t2 –t3



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