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PTMd Fails when Specifying a Fully Qualified Domain Name for the Hostname



When running ptmd, it fails with output like this from /var/log/ptmd.log:

1382407895.286128 2013-10-22 11:11:35 ptm_conf.c:238 ERR Port swp1 peer is not correct! Expected hoge.swp1, got


This can occur if you are specifying a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the hostname, and the hostname is not wrapped in double quotes.


Wrap the FQDN in double quotes. For example:

digraph G {
    node [shape=record];
    graph [hostidtype="", version="1:0", date="04/12/2013"];
    edge [dir=none, len=1, headport=center, tailport=center];

Note: This example is similar to the one in the Cumulus Linux 2.5.x user guide.


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