Quagga Configuration Cannot Contain both "ip network area" and "ip ospf area" Commands



If there is a "network <network number>/<mask> area <area ID>" command present in the Quagga configuration, the "ip ospf area <area ID>" command is rejected with the error "Please remove network command first." This prevents you from configuring other areas on some of the unnumbered interfaces.

Steps to Reproduce

Here is a sample configuration from ospfd.conf that illustrates the problem:

router ospf
 log-adjacency-changes detail
 ospf router-id
 network area
 passive-interface swp4
 passive-interface swp5
 passive-interface swp6
 passive-interface swp7
 passive-interface swp8
interface swp1
 ip ospf area
interface swp2
 ip ospf area
interface swp3
 ip ospf area


Cumulus Linux supports both commands, but not in the same configuration.

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