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Accessing the Switch through the Console


Any switch on the Cumulus Networks HCL can be accessed via the console. The standard command to use for console access depends on your host operating system.

For MacOS:

 screen /dev/cu.usbserial 115200

For Linux:

 picocomm -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0

USB0 can be USB1 or USB2, etc.

Most switches on the Cumulus Networks HCL are set at either 9600 or 115200. This depends on the factory setting.


This support portal has moved

Cumulus Networks is now part of the NVIDIA Networking Business Unit! The NVIDIA Cumulus Global Support Services (GSS) team has merged its operations with the NVIDIA Mellanox support services team.

You can access NVIDIA Cumulus support content from the Mellanox support portal.

You open and update new cases on the Mellanox support portal. Any previous cases that have been closed have been migrated to the Mellanox support portal.

Cases that are still open on the Cumulus portal will continue to be managed on the Cumulus portal. Once these cases close, they will be moved to the Mellanox support portal.

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