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Issues Connecting to Switch's Console Port on Mac OSX


Issue #1

Connecting a Mac to a 10G switch via a USB connected console cable and while using screen command (with the right baud rate), access to the console shows incorrect characters.

Solution #1

To work around this issue, use picocom instead of screen.

Install picocom on your Mac and run:

picocom -b 115200 --send-cmd "sx -vv" /dev/ttyXXXX 


Issue #2

Further, if you are using FTDI or Prolific USB to serial adapters to access the switch console from OSX, you may experience one of the following problems:

  • Kernel panic of OS X upon removing the adapter from the USB port
  • Data is received only under screen or cu (although it may work as expected in a virtual machine on OSX)

Solution #2

USB to serial adapters that work properly include those based on the PL2303 device.



This issue was reported originally in ticket #45.


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