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DHCP on eth0 Does Not Send Vendor Data



By default, DHCP requests in Cumulus Linux do not provide vendor identification information.


  • Cumulus Linux 1.5.x
  • Cumulus Linux 2.x
  • Cumulus Linux 3.x



  • For a default installation, DHCP requests from a default Cumulus Linux installation can be identified by the hostname cumulus.
  • If the provisioning scenario allows for the configuration to be modified, edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and add the following line (the following example shows a PowerPC-based switch running&nbspplaceholder;Cumulus Linux 1.5.3):

    send vendor-class-identifier "cumulus-linux 1.5.3.ppc ppc";

    dhclient will then pass the specified vendor-class-identifier to the DHCP server on the next DHCP request.

Feature Request

A feature request (CM-1100) was opened to track implementation of a vendor-class- identifier attribute in the default dhclient.conf.

The feature request proposed  the format of the DHCP Vendor Class Identifier (DHCP option 60) as:

cumulus-linux: <release-version> <machine_type> <CPU_arch>

Where <release-version> comes from /etc/lsb-release, <machine-type> could be synthesized from the output of platform-detect -a and <CPU_arch> is powerpc or x86_64.

The feature request has been re-opened for Cumulus Linux 4.0.


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