Relevant Log Files in Cumulus Linux


Cumulus Linux log files are kept in /var/log

cumulus@switch$ ls /var/log/
alternatives.log  btmp        dpkg.log  lpr.log    messages      quagga/
apt/              clagd.log   faillog   mail.err   monit.log     switchd.log
audit/            daemon.log  fsck/  news/         syslog
auth.log          debug       kern.log  mail.log   ntpstats/     user.log
boot              dmesg       lastlog   mail.warn  openvswitch/  wtmp

Important log files are as follows:

Log FileDescription
syslog This log file shows all issues from the kernel, switchd, and issues from almost all other application processes, like DHCP, smond (look for facility and INFO entries), and so forth.
clagd.log Details status for the clagd process.
daemon.log Details when processes start and stop in the system.
quagga/zebra.log Details issues from the Quagga zebra daemon.
quagga/{protocol}.log Details issues from Layer 3 routing protocols, such as OSPF, BGP, ISIS, and so forth.
switchd.log Logs activity on the switch monitored by switchd, the Cumulus Linux HAL process.
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