Upgrading Cumulus Linux



How do I upgrade Cumulus Linux?


You upgrade Cumulus Linux in two ways:

  • Using apt-get
  • Using cl-img-install

Using apt-get

apt-get upgrade can be used to upgrade to an X.Y.Z release from an earlier X.Y version. For example, from 2.5.1 to 2.5.3. Run the following commands to upgrade Cumulus Linux:

cumulus@switch$ sudo apt-get update
cumulus@switch$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Then reboot the switch.

Note: For Cumulus Linux versions earlier than 2.5.x, you must use apt-get upgrade, not apt-get dist-upgrade.

Using cl-img-install

cl-img-install can be used to upgrade to any type of release (X.0, X.Y, X.Y.Z). 

apt-get cannot currently be used to upgrade to an X.0 or X.Y release.

To perform an upgrade using cl-img-install, run cl-img-install providing the location of an update image on the local filesystem or network.

cumulus@switch:~$ sudo cl-img-install

Caution: Installation via cl-img-install is destructive. All files and data in the alternate slot will be erased.

For more information on the use of cl-img-install, refer to the image management chapter of the user guide.

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