[RETIRED] Demo: iBGP Using Puppet in the Cumulus Workbench


Important! This article has been retired. Check out our GitHub site for the latest demos.

Using Zero Touch Provisioning and Puppet, a set of nodes can be automatically configured to establish iBGP in Quagga, and leverage PTM to verify the topology.


Demonstrated Features

Supported Topologies

  • 2-Switch
  • 2-Spine + 2-Leaf(T2)


  • cldemo-wbench-ibgp-puppet

Network Diagrams


2-Spine + 2-Leaf(T2):

File Descriptions

File Description
/var/www/provision-puppet.sh ZTP automation script to update Puppet
/var/www/topology.dot Network topology file for PTM to validate against
/home/cumulus/example-ibgp-puppet Puppet configuration files

Running the Demo

Preparing the environment

Puppet can be installed with the iBGP configuration from the workbench. To install Puppet:

  1. Log into the Cumulus workbench and accept the End User License Agreement

  2. As the root user, update the workbench

    root@wbench:~# apt-get update
  3. Install the Puppet package for iBGP

    root@wbench:~# apt-get install cldemo-wbench-ibgp-puppet
  4. Restart each switch in order for the autoprovisioning script needed for Puppet to manage them to start:

    root@wbench:~# cwng-swpower -a -o reset

Confirming the Environment is Ready

Important: Restarting the switches takes about ten minutes.

To confirm the environment is ready for running the demo, you can view Puppet's progress via /var/log/syslog, follow along via the console of each switch, or check the status of the autoprovisioning script.

  • To follow progress via the console:

    root@wbench:~# tail -f /var/log/autoprovision
  • To check the status, and confirm the environment is ready:

    root@wbench:~# grep complete /var/lib/cumulus/autoprovision.conf

To confirm Puppet has run as part of the autoprovisioning script:

  • Display the ZTP log on a switch

    root@leaf1:~# tail /var/log/autoprovision

    If Puppet has not run:

    • Log into each switch, and run the puppet agent:

      root@leaf1:~# puppet agent --test

Giving the Demo

This demo will:

  • Set the MOTD of the nodes
  • Perform all of the steps necessary to install the Cumulus Linux license and insure that switchd restarts
  • Set the configuration of all of the interfaces
  • Provide ptmd with a topology.dot
  • Enable quagga with iBGP turned on
  • Restart all of the services that have been provided with new configurations

The following commands can now be run to verify the PTM and LLDP neighbors, and to observe output:

  • Verify the neighbors:

    root@leaf1:~# ptmctl

    Four active links should be present; two to each spine.

  • Display the BGP summary, showing 4 BGP neighbors, 2 to each spine:

    root@leaf1:~# cl-bgp summary
  • Display the installed routes:

    root@leaf1:~# ip route show

Repeating the Demo

To reset the demo:

  1. Log into each switch via SSH.

  2. On each switch, clear the overlay and reboot the devices:

    root@leaf1:~# cl-img-clear-overlay -f 1; reboot

The environment is now reset for the demo to be run again.

Command Reference Cheat Sheet

Description Topology Command
Switch to root user All
sudo -i
Ensure all of the repositories have the latest files All
apt-get update
Install the demo files All
apt-get install cldemo-wbench-ibgp-puppet
Restart the switches to have them install Puppet All
cwng-swpower -a -o reset
Connect to leaf1 All
ssh leaf1
Check PTM All
Check BGP peers All
cl-bgp summary
Exit to return to the MGMT host All
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