Can't Configure 10G or 40G Port for 10/100M Speed



I am unable to set a 10G or 40G port to 10/100M speed. I am unable to establish a link between a 10G or 40G port and a 10/100M Ethernet segment.


Cumulus Linux, all versions


Use an intervening 1G switch to connect to the slower Ethernet segment.  The following configuration, for example, can be used to set a 10G port to 1G:

auto swp1
iface swp1 
    link-speed 1000 
    link-duplex full 
    link-autoneg off

For more information on configuring port speeds, see the Cumulus Linux User Guide:

Root Cause

Speed reduction from 10G or 40G to 10/100M is unsupported at the hardware layer.

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