Automatically Placing All Interfaces in a Single Untagged VLAN



I need an example of a configuration that places all ports in the switch in L2 forwarding mode and all in the same VLAN.


  • Cumulus Linux 2.1


Use the generate_interfaces script to generate a configuration tailored to the local switch.

cumulus@switch$ sudo su -c "/usr/share/python-ifupdown2/ -b > /etc/network/interfaces.d/bridge-untagged"

Examine the contents of the generated example:

cumulus@switch$ cat /etc/network/interfaces.d/bridge-untagged

Note: The generated example does not have STP enabled. To enable STP, edit the bridge-untagged file and add bridge-stp on to the configuration:

iface bridge-untagged 
  bridge-stp on 
  bridge-ports \ 

If desired, include the example configuration in the active configuration by sourcing it from /etc/network/interfaces.

cumulus@switch$ sudo su -c "echo source /etc/network/interfaces.d/bridge-untagged >> /etc/network/interfaces"

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