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Account and User Management


One of my colleagues received our order confirmation and I need to access the license file. How can I get it?

You can log in to the Cumulus Networks Customer Portal and retrieve the license file. If you do not have a login to the portal please contact the license owner at your company and they can create a login for you. If you do not know who owns your company's Cumulus Networks account, please contact your Cumulus Networks account manager or email us at

How do I know how many users are on our account?

You can view a list of all account users and their profiles from the Cumulus Networks Customer Portal.

How can I add users to my account?

To add users, log in to the Cumulus Networks Customer Portal.

What user roles are available?

There are two roles: standard and admin.

  • Standard: Can view account information, user information, license keys, download files, and submit support tickets.
  • Admin: Can edit account information, add and remove users, assign user roles, activate licenses, download files, and submit support tickets.

I am trying to access the support portal but it says that my account is not enabled for Zendesk. What should I do?

You need at least one active Software Update and Support contract (paid or trial) to access our support portal.

  • If you do not have an active contract, please contact your Cumulus Networks approved reseller for more information or use this form to contact us.
  • If your company has an active contract, but you have not been granted support portal access permissions yet, please request access here.
  • If neither of the cases above apply, please contact

How can I reset my account password?

You can reset your password here.


This support portal has moved

Cumulus Networks is now part of the NVIDIA Networking Business Unit! The NVIDIA Cumulus Global Support Services (GSS) team has merged its operations with the NVIDIA Mellanox support services team.

You can access NVIDIA Cumulus support content from the Mellanox support portal.

You open and update new cases on the Mellanox support portal. Any previous cases that have been closed have been migrated to the Mellanox support portal.

Cases that are still open on the Cumulus portal will continue to be managed on the Cumulus portal. Once these cases close, they will be moved to the Mellanox support portal.

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