Checking ONIE Version on x86 Platforms



At the time of writing this article (March, 2015), switches with x86 processors do not have a Linux command to display the ONIE version. This article describes how to get the same output as fw_printenv onie_version on PowerPC platforms.


  • Cumulus Linux
  • x86 processor


Until this ONIE issue is fixed, follow these steps to get the same version:

  1. Become the root user:
    [email protected]:~$ sudo -i
  2. Make directory /tmp/onie:
    [email protected]:/# mkdir /tmp/onie 
  3. Mount partition with LABEL=ONIE-BOOT to /tmp/onie:
    [email protected]:/# mount LABEL=ONIE-BOOT /tmp/onie
  4. Look for the ONIE version:
    [email protected]:/# grep onie_version= /tmp/onie/grub/grub.cfg
    For example:
    [email protected]:/# grep onie_version= /tmp/onie/grub/grub.cfg
  5. Unmount /tmp/onie:
    [email protected]:/# umount /tmp/onie
  6. Remove the temporary folder:
    [email protected]:/# rm -rf /tmp/onie/
  7. Exit root:
    [email protected]:/# logout
    [email protected]:~$
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