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Issues with jdoo and monit when Upgrading Cumulus Linux



In Cumulus Linux 2.5.2, jdoo replaced monit as the hardware monitoring tool. Is there anything I need to be aware of regarding jdoo and monit when upgrading Cumulus Linux?



  • Cumulus Linux 2.5.2 and later


Installing jdoo removes monit completely from Cumulus Linux. Likewise, installing monit removes jdoo from Cumulus Linux. jdoo and monit are mutually exclusive packages; both cannot be installed on the same Cumulus Linux system. 

Thus, if you have any monit configurations in an existing Cumulus Linux 2.5.1 or earlier installation, they may not work under jdoo when you upgrade to Cumulus Linux 2.5.2 or later.

Package Upgrade

If you perform a package upgrade from Cumulus Linux 2.5.0 or 2.5.1 to Cumulus Linux 2.5.2, dpkg will not upgrade the cl-utilities package because its installation dependencies changed and the package it is dependent on (jdoo in this case) is not installed on the system already. The recommended package upgrade flow is:

apt-get update
apt-get install cl-utilities
apt-get upgrade


apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Failing to follow these recommended steps may result in some one or more daemons not being monitored until their services are restarted, either with a system reboot or an individual service restart like service switchd restart.

Important: If the cl-utilities package is ignored and not upgraded before running apt-get upgrade, the start-stop-monitor infrastructure will not work at all and monitoring for some daemons will never work, even after a system restart.

jdoo and monit Mutual Exclusivity Impacts

Since jdoo and monit are mutually exclusive, you cannot install monit and expect that any monitoring configured for Cumulus Linux 2.5.2 and later will continue to work. If you install monit, it is a supported configuration; you must create all monitoring that needs to occur on the switch.

Binary Install of Cumulus Linux 2.5.2 and Later

If you perform a full binary installation of Cumulus Linux 2.5.2 or later on a switch, the monit package is not included in the image; Cumulus Linux 2.5.2 and later only has jdoo installed.

Syntax Supported in monit but not Supported in jdoo

The only known syntax difference between Debian monit and jdoo is the following:

*not supported in jdoo* {{check program /foo/bar}}


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