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Is Cumulus Linux Susceptible to the Leap Second Bug?



Is Cumulus Linux susceptible to the Leap Second bug?


  • Cumulus Linux 1.5.0 and newer


The leap second adjustment does not have any impact on the Cumulus Linux kernel. Cumulus Linux is based on Debian Linux kernel. The Debian fix for the leap second is detailed here: "Fixed in versions linux/3.2.29-1".  The oldest publicly available release code is Cumulus Linux 1.5.0, which is running kernel 3.2.46-1cl1.5.131104.

To determine which kernel you are running, run the uname -r command, where the -r means kernel release. For example, on Cumulus Linux 2.5.3, you can easily see both the Cumulus Linux version and kernel version, as shown below:

cumulus@switch$ cat /etc/lsb-release
DISTRIB_ID="Cumulus Networks"
cumulus@switch$ uname -r

Cumulus Networks has also integrated the following test tools to use with OSPF and BGP in automated QA:

These tests have not uncovered any issues caused by the leap second adjustment.

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