Cumulus VX Support Policy


Cumulus Linux customers can now receive formal GSS support for Cumulus VX instances used for the following scenarios:

  • Testing and staging network topologies prior to production deployment.

  • Analyzing, troubleshooting, and correcting issues with configurations and software bugs in Cumulus VX that would also apply to Cumulus Linux running on physical devices.

  • Analyzing, troubleshooting, and correcting issues with Cumulus VX behaving differently than physical devices.

    Note: This does not apply in scenarios where it is not possible to emulate physical hardware with virtualization.

However, Cumulus Networks will not provide support for the following:

  • Cumulus VX instances used in a production environment.

  • Virtualization environments, including installation, setup, and configuration.

  • Automation tool playbooks, including creation and troubleshooting.

  • Performance or scalability issues related to network traffic running through Cumulus VX instances.

For non-customers, Cumulus VX remains a community-supported product, with no formal support obligations from Cumulus Networks. Questions can be posted to the Cumulus Networks community site, which is hosted and moderated by Cumulus Networks, or to the community Slack channel, to engage with the forums and wider community.

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