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Invalid License Message Observed after Installing Cumulus Linux 2.5.3



I performed a fresh install of Cumulus Linux 2.5.3. When I reinstall my existing license I see the following message:

#cl-license -i license.txt
No license file.
Invalid License.
*** Contact Cumulus Networks support immediately. ***
ERROR: License file not valid.
ERROR: No license installed.

The following message may be observed when the system is booted or switchd is restarted.

Invalid License.
*** Contact Cumulus Networks support immediately. ***

The following message may be observed when logging onto the system:

The Cumulus Linux license appears to be invalid. This WILL NOT affect your system operations at the moment. Future versions will enforce fully valid licenses on the system. Please contact at your convenience so we can validate and assist you with this licensing issue. *****************************************************************


Cumulus Linux, 2.5.3


When pre-existing licenses are installed using the cl-license command, an erroneous message may appear, indicating the license is invalid and no license has been installed. This is not correct. Existing license files are actually installed by the cl-license command and continue to work with 2.5.3.

Additional invalid license messages may also be observed when the system is booted and when a user logs onto the system.

No immediate action is required.

Note: Cumulus Networks 2.5.3 license checking does not disable the switch. The switch is expected to be completely operational after installing a pre-existing license. 

Recommended Action

Although no immediate action is required, customers may request an updated license from their account team, or they may write to us at You can install the updated license using the cl-license command during a convenient maintenance window. 

Note: When an updated license is installed to replace an existing license, it is not necessary to reboot or restart switchd.

Some customers may experience automation issues due to the invalid license message. If you suspect you are experiencing automation issues due to the invalid license message, please contact customer support using the Cumulus Networks Customer Support Portal.


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