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Using USB with Cumulus Linux




Some customers manage Cumulus Linux switches through console and in-band switch ports. They do not manage the switches through eth0 and an out-of-band management network. These customers may choose to leverage USB in Cumulus Linux for:

  • Installing Cumulus Linux via ONIE
  • Adding a Cumulus Linux license
  • Configuring the switch through zero touch provisioning


  • Cumulus Linux, all versions


All instructions below assume a USB workflow and that the switch is already running a version of Cumulus Linux. For non-USB workflow, please consult the product documentation.

Installing Cumulus Linux via ONIE

To upgrade the switch to a new release via ONIE and USB, follow these steps:

Note: This upgrade is a clean install, after which the switch runs all default configurations, and any previous configuration is overwritten.

Adding a Cumulus Linux License

To install the Cumulus Linux license from USB, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare and mount the USB drive in Cumulus Linux. Follow the instructions in the section "Preparing a USB Drive inside Cumulus Linux" in the link above.
  2. Save the license file to the USB drive.
  3. Install the license file with the following command:
    sudo cl-license -i /mnt/usb/license.txt

Configuring the Switch via Zero Touch Provisioning

To configure the switch via ZTP with the configuration file on USB, follow these steps:



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