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Cumulus Networks Product Bulletin 2015-09-21


Cumulus Networks has issued this product bulletin to inform you of the following pressing issues affecting one or more Cumulus Networks products and/or versions. 

Release Note IDSummaryDescriptionAffected Products & Versions
Switch shuts down after suspected bad temperature reading An Accton AS4600-54T switch may shut down after a sensor reading incorrectly reports that the temperature is in a CRITICAL state, when it actually isn't. Cumulus Linux 2.5.3 and 2.5.3a
(CM-7393, CM-6342)
Configuration resets to default after second boot This has been after upgrading Cumulus Linux using cl-img-install -u then rebooting in same slot a second time. The overlay gets cleared.

To work around this issue, copy /etc/lsb-release from the read-only slot to /etc/cumulus/init/lsb-release in the read/write slot after the first reboot:

cumulus@switch:~ $ cp /mnt/root-ro/etc/lsb-release / 
/mnt/root-rw/config$(fw_printenv -n
CM-7393: All versions.
CM-6342: Cumulus Linux 2.5.3 and 2.5.3a.
Dell S4048-ON: Various power off commands render the switch unusable

Issuing a poweroff or shutdown command with certain options shuts down the switch, but it cannot be powered on again. The options that cause this issue are:

  • shutdown -hshutdown -P
  • poweroff -npoweroff -dpoweroff -fpoweroff -ipoweroff -hpoweroff -p
  • halt -nhalt -dhalt -fhalt -ihalt -hhalt -p
  • init 0

Issuing a reboot command, or using other options, does not trigger this issue.

This issue affects only Dell S4048-ON switches with BIOS version or earlier. To determine the BIOS version of the switch, run:

cumulus@switch:~$ sudo dmidecode -s system-version

This is a known issue, and Dell is issuing a fix soon.

Cumulus Linux 2.5.3a.

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