smond error: Temp2 Outlier of 16315 C on AS-4600-54T



The following error is observed from smond in /var/log/syslog on an Edge-Core AS-4600-54T switch:

2016-01-20T20:53:58.406544+09:00 switch : /usr/sbin/smond : : Temp2(P2020 CPU die sensor): state changed from OK to BAD
2016-01-20T20:53:58.406707+09:00 switch : /usr/sbin/smond : : Temp2(P2020 CPU die sensor): Following outliers were found: [16315.0] C
2016-01-20T20:55:39.117503+09:00 switch : /usr/sbin/smond : : Temp2(P2020 CPU die sensor): state changed from BAD to OK

Similarly, high readings may occasionally be observed from the same sensor, named adt7473-i2c-1-2e, under libsensors.


  • Cumulus Linux 2.5.z, versions 2.5.3a through 2.5.9
  • Edge-Core AS-4600-54T


This error can safely be ignored. smond filters out the reading from thermal management considerations.

Note: This issue is fixed in Cumulus Linux 2.5.10.

Root Cause

Readings of ~ 16315 C are occasionally observed from Temp2 (P2020 CPU die sensor) on the AS-4600-54T. A filter was introduced in Cumulus Linux 2.5.3a to exclude these readings from thermal management considerations, and to log the errant reading instead.

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