Cumulus Networks Repositories: Organization and Support Levels


All packages that are included in the official Cumulus Linux distribution are available from Cumulus Networks repository servers. Depending upon the version of Cumulus Linux you are running, the repository is organized differently.


Cumulus Linux Repos for Versions 3.0.0 and Later

Cumulus Linux 3.0.0 and later distributions are organized into the following package sources:

Short Name Contents Codename Cumulus Linux Update Version*
mainline All packages in the Cumulus Linux image.
Optional additional packages.
New features and hardware platforms.
All previous security and maintenance updates.
CumulusLinux-3 Minor update (3.Y)
security Security-related updates to any packages in mainline. CumulusLinux-3-security-updates Maintenance update (3.Y.Z)
updates Bug fixes and updates to any packages in mainline that are not security related. CumulusLinux-3-updates Maintenance update (3.Y.Z)
early access Packages that are still undergoing development and should not be used in a production environment. CumulusLinux-3-early-access Packages updated asynchronously from updates.

Optional third party packages, (for example, Puppet from Puppet Labs).
Community-contributed packages.

Not affiliated with or related to the Cumulus Networks Solutions Marketplace. 

CumulusLinux-3-marketplace N/A

* For more information on Cumulus Linux versioning, please refer to the Cumulus Linux Release Versioning and Support Policy.
** In development. Does not contain packages as of the Cumulus Linux 3.0 initial release. 

The mainline, security and updates sources are enabled by default. In addition to packages in the Cumulus Linux image, the default configuration provides access to additional packages such as iperf or git, as well as Cumulus-provided updates for all these packages.

To maintain access to the latest Cumulus Linux updates, keep the updates source enabled.

If you're an early adopter or are testing out new features that are not yet in Cumulus Linux mainline, you can enable the early-access source.

You can enable non-default sources by uncommenting the corresponding lines in /etc/apt/sources.list:

cumulus@switch:~$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list

deb CumulusLinux-3 cumulus upstream
deb-src CumulusLinux-3 cumulus upstream

deb CumulusLinux-3-security-updates cumulus upstream
deb-src CumulusLinux-3-security-updates cumulus upstream

deb CumulusLinux-3-updates cumulus upstream
deb-src CumulusLinux-3-updates cumulus upstream

#deb CumulusLinux-3-early-access cumulus
#deb-src CumulusLinux-3-early-access cumulus

# Currently under construction
#deb CumulusLinux-3-marketplace commercial community

The contents of each repository component in sources.list can be described as follows:

  • cumulus: Contains packages maintained by Cumulus Networks.
  • upstream: Contains unmodified packages from an upstream community.
  • commercial: Contains packages from third party vendors.
  • community: Contains community-contributed packages.

Cumulus Linux Repos for Versions 1.5.z and 2.y.z

Cumulus Linux distributions for versions 1.5.z and 2.y.z are organized into the following components:

  • main: This contains all the packages that are in the Cumulus Linux image, including packages from Debian and other sources.
  • addons: This contains additional packages that are not in the image (for example, Puppet from Puppet Labs).
  • updates: This contains updates to any of the packages in main that are not security related.
  • security-updates: This contains updates to any of the packages in main that are security related.
  • testing: This contains packages that are still undergoing development.

You can select which repositories you want to draw from using apt by uncommenting the appropriate repos in /etc/apt/sources.list:

cumulus@switch:~$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list
#  The Cumulus Package Repository.
#  Only packages from this repository are supported

deb CumulusLinux-2.5 main addons updates
deb CumulusLinux-2.5 security-updates

# Uncomment the next line to get access to the testing component
# deb CumulusLinux-2.5 testing

# Uncomment the next line to get access to the Cumulus community repository
# deb CumulusLinux-Community-2.5  main addons updates

Accessing the Repository

To access packages from the repository server, you simply follow Debian convention and use apt-get. You can find details in the Cumulus Linux user guide.

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