What's New and Different in Version 3.0 (Technical)


The presentation below highlights new features and major changes in Cumulus Linux 3.0:

New Hardware:

  • 7 new platforms (40 in total)
  • First 100G and 10GT platforms
  • Now supporting silicon from Mellanox

New Features:

  • APD (ACPI Platform Description)
  • VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding)
  • "Installable" backups
  • Redistribute Neighbor (Redistributes ARP cache)

Better Defaults:

  • Faster BGP and OSPF timers
  • Better BGP configuration experience
  • STP on by default for bridges

Upgrade from Debian Wheezy to Debian Jessie:

  • LTS 4.1 Linux kernel
  • systemd

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