Cumulus NetQ Cloud Release Versioning and Support Policy


This article outlines the release version numbering and support policies for the cloud version of:

  • Cumulus NetQ 2.2


Version Definitions

The Cumulus NetQ Cloud Appliance and NetQ Agent installation file names include a version number, in the form of x.y.z-TAG.

  • x represents the major release version number. An increased major release version means that the release may include:
    • New functionality within the existing market.
    • New market entries.
    • Major positioning changes.
    • A significant engineering rebase.
  • y represents the minor release version number. An increased minor release version means that the release may include:
    • New hardware platforms.
    • New features within the existing market.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Security updates.
  • z represents the maintenance release version number. An increased maintenance release version may include:
    • Feature improvements.
    • Bug fixes and updates.
    • Security updates.
  • TAG represents a timestamp when the version was released.

This number corresponds to the release version of the software. For example, a release version of  2.2.1-cl3u15~1856708011.1d93892 would be a maintenance release of Cumulus NetQ 2.2.

Release, Support Lifecycle and Support Policy

From Cumulus NetQ 2.2 onwards, support is included as part of the NetQ Cloud subscription. Customers may purchase a one (1) year, three (3) year, or five (5) year subscription. Pricing varies according to the size of the NIC (either 1G or 10G+ and above), but all include unlimited hosts. The subscription model provides customers with upgrades to existing and new versions of the software as they are available, for the period of the subscription.

Updates are automatically applied. Minor releases are planned each quarter, with maintenance releases each month. Customers are notified before upgrades are performed, and release notes are available for each release.

Customers with current NetQ 1.4 and earlier perpetual licenses have the option to transfer to the five (5) year NetQ Cloud subscription where they will receive the NetQ 2.2 software, support, and upgrades for free. 


Product End of Life

Currently, there are no end of life plans for Cumulus NetQ 2.2.

Upgrade Process

For information regarding upgrading from previous Cumulus NetQ releases, refer to the Cumulus NetQ Deployment Guide.

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