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Cumulus Linux 4.1 Release Notes


 These release notes are now part of the Cumulus Linux User Guide. But, don't worry, we will continue to keep this page up-to-date until the 4.1 release is no longer available. Release notes for future Cumulus Linux releases (4.1.1 and later) will only available in the Cumulus Linux User Guide.


These release notes support the Cumulus Linux 4.1 release and describe currently available features and known issues.

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What's New in Cumulus Linux 4.1

Cumulus Linux 4.1.0 supports new platforms, provides bug fixes, and contains several new features and improvements:

New platforms include:

  • Dell 5212F-ON (25G Trident3 X5)
  • Mellanox SN2010 with 32G RAM (25G Spectrum)

New features and enhancements include:

Platform Support

To see a list of the supported platforms in Cumulus Linux 4.1.0, refer to the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).


Cumulus Linux is licensed on a per-instance basis. Each network system is fully operational, enabling any capability to be utilized on the switch with the exception of forwarding on switch panel ports. Only eth0 and console ports are activated on an un-licensed instance of Cumulus Linux. Enabling front panel ports requires a license.

After you receive a license key from Cumulus Networks or an authorized reseller, you can install the license. Follow the steps in the Cumulus Linux Quick Start Guide.

Install or Upgrade to Version 4.1

Whether you are installing Cumulus Linux 4.1 for the first time or upgrading from an earlier version, follow the steps in the Installation Management section of the Cumulus Linux User Guide.

Perl, Python and BDB Modules

Any Perl scripts that use the DB_File module or Python scripts that use the bsddb module do not run under Cumulus Linux 4.1.


You can read the technical documentation here.

Open and Fixed Issues in Cumulus Linux 4.1 

Change Log
Date Change
 March 23, 2020   4.1.0 release


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